Benefits of Ozone Rainwater Tank Generators

OzoneNZ 5G Rainwater Tank

Ozone Water Treatment System for Sale: OzoneNZ 5G RTG is a compact ozone generator, specifically designed for the disinfection and purification of water in your Rainwater Tank. The stylish generator fuselage is fabricated from marine grade 316 Stainless Steel. This waterproof compact generator has a high output, low maintenance Corona discharge ozone tube, combined with a built-in air pump to produce high levels of dissolved ozone in your Rainwater Tank.

Custom Water Purification Using Ozone, Ozone is natural with no harmful by-products and reverts to oxygen over time, while treating the water in your water tank. Ozone quickly eliminates bacteria, viruses and organics in your tank, and is effective oxidizing heavy metals such as iron and manganese. You’ll notice improved taste and purity of your water.

Eco-friendly Purification Solutions


How Does It Works


Ozone is a naturally occurring oxidizer and is an “active” oxygen consisting of three oxygen atoms (O3). Ozone is environmentally friendly and a healthy aqueous water sanitiser alternative, to chemical treatments such as chlorine.


With Ozone generators, we’re able to replicate natural ozone production by passing high voltage electricity through oxygenated air in a corona tube (corona discharge), creating Ozone in the tri-atomic form (O3). 


Ozone effectively sanitises water at relatively low concentration levels of Ozone (1 ppm ozone equates to 200ppm chlorine) and keeps your water clean, fresh and clear. Ozone instantly neutralizes biological matter and helps kill bacteria and viruses.


As a water purifier, ozone is 200 times more powerful than traditional water purifiers like chlorine at killing bacteria and other microbes. Ozone also oxidizes heavy metals in water such as iron and manganese.


Ozone reverts back to oxygen in water after approximately 30 minutes and leaves no disinfection residues in your water. Ozone is non-carcinogenic and has no toxicity issues. Ozone - your eco-friendly purification solution.

Simply mount this robust  plug and play generator, externally close to your rainwater tank, preferably under roof eaves. A PVC tube with stone diffuser on end is placed inside water tank...


Some Interesting Facts

Ozone is natural with no harmful by-products and reverts to oxygen over time, while treating the water in your water tank.



OzoneNZ have 2 years of experience in the industry


We ensure 100% purify using our products.


OzoneNZ 5G is 100% safe to use for water treatment.


Ozone is 200 times more powerful than traditional water purifiers

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We’ve always been conscious of the environment, and have been searching for an eco-friendly product or application, that could reduce chemical input into our environment, particularly in water treatment applications.

Client's Feedback

  • OzoneNZ installed an Ozone Generator in our rainwater tank, to sanitise and purify the rainwater. Prior to installation they had the water quality independently tested by Hill’s Laboratories to ascertain existing water quality. I was somewhat surprised that the test showed we had over 43 different E.coli and 156 Total Coliforms in our drinking water. Installation was very simple with the Ozone generator mounted externally near the tank and set on a timer. After a couple of days of installation there was a noticeable difference in the taste quality of the water. Re-testing after 4 weeks showed E.coli < 1 part per million, and only 1 Coliform. A huge reduction with the generator on timer for only 3 hours per day. We found that the OzoneNZ’s Ozone generator efficiently purified our drinking water, was cost effective and environmentally friendly.
    A Daly, Omaha.

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Each OzoneNZ Rainwater tank generator comes with a 1 year warranty. Any repairs will be carried out by our registered electrician.